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We make Energy Noiseless
Tested at Limit

Unlike other products, Silengen noise is being measured at 75% of the electrical load, i.e. we measure the noise of Silengen in the most severe operating condition.

The Sole Ultra Silent

It is really an Ultra Silenced generator, not just an adhesive on the frame, as often seen in this production field…

More Quiet but Same Performance

Silengen’s higher Silence does not affect performance in any way, so temperature and power will be equal to products with higher noise levels.

Real Quiet Genset

Forget surprises: With the same external conditions, after its installation, Silengen’s low noise level will be precisely as declared by the manufacturer.

About Silengen

Why is Silengen quieter?
If you can't hear it, it's a Silengen!

Unlike "normal" power generators, in which noise is simply rejected or absorbed by soundproofing panels, the new ultra-quiet generator contains an air and exhaust gas treatment system, which are mainly responsible for the transmission of noise. This prevents the propagation of sound waves. It is the result of a careful study allowed by years of research. Other generators sold on the market as "silent", and improperly called "Super Silent", cannot achieve the result of a Silengen Ultra Silent Generator. The Super Silent Diesel Generators are able to reach the threshold of 55db, measured at a distance of 7 meters (declared value but to be verified), while regarding the Ultra Silenced Silengen generators, they have been produced and tested versions up to 45db. The Ultra Silent power generators did not exist before Silengen; everything else represents another category of lower performance gensets!

  • Noise Level

    41 dbA have been our best level

  • The sole solution

    No one able to reach our level. Only us.

  • Compliance

    Full compliance with the main Noise Zones.

  • Load Test

    Each Silengen must be tested before delivery.

The Book

The most quiet power Generators
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