Silengen Generator Mobile Applications

The movie sets and the events related to the entertaiment are very critical applications for the power generators.
Our Sweden customer choose our power generator equipped with the engine Iveco FPT to provide electricity during this kind of events.
Here we can see the generator directly monted on the Track to can move it easly.

Wich kind of benefits they have?


  • The Silengen is a Ultra Silent power generators suitable to movie set even at forest or where there are animals to film.
  • They can move the generator easly even offroad and in any place not suitable for trailers.
  • Control panel and main MCCB are avaliable on the back door directly on board.
  • Socket Panel is easly accesible from ground.

Silengen have been the right choose for this special applications, by this way the customer will be able to make theyr job even where noise is forbidden.

About this Generator, the Customer Mr. David says:

“…simply the lightest super silent generator I could find in all of Europe.”

What are you waiting for? Ask more information and get the most quiet generator now.