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Silengen produces Ultra Silenced diesel generators.

This is a line of low acoustic impact Generators, designed to allow the use of diesel generators in every single environment where noise cannot be tolerated, e.g. during the night.

One of the limits of traditional power Generators is their noise level. Indeed, they are recognised as noisy machines, not suitable for being used in public environments or more in general, for applications in residential and populated areas.

With an Ultra Silent Silengen, you will be able to keep a generator operative 24H/24H, without creating any discomfort and without hearing annoying noises. That is possible because Silengen has a residual noise level very close to the one of a typical household appliance.

Noise is considered as the cause of stress and insomnia. Many scientific studies have discovered connections between the noise that surrounds us and our quality of life. This pushed some countries to set a limit to the noise emissions coming from machinery and equipment.

  • Forget surprises: With the same external conditions, after its installation, Silengen’s low noise level will be precisely as declared by the manufacturer.
  • Unlike other products, Silengen noise is being measured at 75% of the electrical load, i.e. we measure the noise of Silengen in the most severe operating condition!
  • It is really an Ultra Silenced generator, not just an adhesive on the frame, as often seen in this production field…
  • Silengen’s higher Silence does not affect performance in any way, so temperature and power will be equal to products with higher noise levels.

Why is Silengen quieter?

Unlike “normal” power generators, in which noise is simply rejected or absorbed by soundproofing panels, the new ultra-quiet generator contains an air and exhaust gas treatment system, which are mainly responsible for the transmission of noise. This prevents the propagation of sound waves. It is the result of a careful study allowed by years of research.

Other generators sold on the market as “silent”, and improperly called “Super Silent”, cannot achieve the result of a Silengen Ultra Silent Generator. The Super Silent Diesel Generators are able to reach the threshold of 55db, measured at a distance of 7 meters (declared value but to be verified), while regarding the Ultra Silenced Silengen generators, they have been produced and tested versions up to 45db.

The Ultra Silent power generators did not exist before Silengen; everything else represents another category of lower performance gensets!

Noise is clearly declared!

By choosing Silengen, you can personally attend the factory testing of your new Ultra Silenced Generator, for free! You will be able to meet the staff who built it and ask all the necessary questions. They will be glad to answer you.

Also, that’s not all. Once the in-your-presence test is completed, if you are not satisfied you can decide whether or not to withdraw your Silengen, at no cost. (Read the general terms and conditions of sale).

Innovative and easy to use

Choosing how to position an ultra-quiet generator requires extraordinary measures to make the product fully performing. Instead, the installation, intended as electrical and hydraulic connections does not differ from the other generators one.

Silengen has been designed to work outdoors, exposed to weathering. Thanks to the quality of the materials it is made of, and to the external painting. Anyway, following our suggestions you will be free to install it inside dedicated special rooms or wherever you prefer. (in compliance with current regulations).

  • You can use Silengen in inhabited areas
  • Silengen can also start automatically during the night, without disturbing the neighbourhood.

There’s more: unlike other noisy diesel generators, that need to be installed far away from structures and environments to avoid disturbing the peace, Silengen Generators allows you to shorten the distances and save money during installation. This is a significant advantage! Can you imagine how much you will save on the cost of power wiring?

Silengen is equipped by default with an automatic starting system that will activate the generator in the event of a power failure, thanks to the VEO control module, a real network analyser that will protect (silently) your users.

Silengen is an exclusive brand, produced in Italy by Orefice Generators, a company founded in 1938. For 3 generations now, the company has been dealing with Power Generators, and it has received international recognition for the highly innovative nature of its products.

In order to move to Silengen, the innovative ultra-quiet diesel generator, you can contact our sales staff by filling in the request form to get a free quote.



The World’s Quietest Diesel Generator.

Companies and Individuals around the world are installing an Ultra Silent generator to safeguard their business or their home.


Why choose a silent generator instead of a noisy one?

Approximately the 80% of residential and commercial areas in industrialised countries have adopted noise emission restrictions that make most of the Electric Generators on the market unusable.

In Italy, for example, they are called “Acoustic Regulations”, while in the rest of the world they take on different names but with very similar objectives and parameters. They all have in common a very low noise threshold wherever there is some substantial Human presence.

The result is that during the day and at night machines of any kind cannot work without protests or even complaints about the disturbance of the public peace — a sort of a Restricted Traffic Zone of noise.

However, what happens to those who are equipped with an electric generator to deal with any power outages?

The Common Generating Sets have a HUGE limit! This limit is their Noise.


Anyone who has been careful to install a generator but has not assessed the acoustic impact will find themselves having something they cannot use. It’s like having a technologically outdated car that can’t circulate in the city because of the pollutant levels.

Up to now, the best solution to attenuate the noise seems to have been to apply large adhesives on the frames of the generators with the words “Super Silent” or “Super Silenced”.

The inscription “Super Silent” is affixed to any generating sets type, without taking care of the effective sound level, from 65 to 78 db all of which, for manufacturers alike, are Super Silent.

It’s often more about “Super Lies.”

In the web, gigantic nonsense can go unnoticed among the millions present, mainly because of everyone talks and writes without being prepared. Attributing a “Super” to everything that is covered with bent sheets does not make the Generator a “Super Generator”.

The reality is that even some manufacturers cannot distinguish what is Super from what is Normal.

On September 11, 1998, Obadele Thompson was the world’s fastest 100metrist, with only 9″87. Super sprinter? Of course, it was, but 10 years later in 2008, a certain Usain Bolt managed to cover the same distance in 9″76, breaking all the discipline records.

They were both “Super” fast, but Bolt is even “Ultra” fast.

What for some can be the maximum performance, for others can be average, almost a standard.

With real numbers on our side, i.e. correctly measured dBs and performing solutions, we can use the superlative Ultra Silenced and Hiper Silent.

Silengen is the real Ultra Silenced Generator.

  • Okay, we get that Silengen is quieter, but how much?

The following table shows some differences. These are indicative values useful to identify the substantial difference.

Open Frame

Power Generator


Power Generator

Power Generator

Power Generator

Silengen Ultra Silenced

Power Generator

≥ 79 dbA ≥ 70 dbA ≥ 65 dbA ≥ 55 dbA ≥ 50 dbA


The difference of 10 or 5 dbA seems insignificant, and this is where the deception lies. Can you distinguish the difference (in dB) between a large truck noise passing only one meter away from you and a vacuum cleaner noise at the same distance?

Moreover, yet there are as many as 10 db of difference between them! (circa)

The reason is as apparent as it is simple: a sound of about 70 dbA is perceived as noise as well as one of 80 dbA.

So it is clear that once a certain threshold is exceeded, the noise is so annoying even if there are differences in acoustic terms quite relevant, while instead of the single dbA becomes very important when you approach the threshold of silence, that is, that of 40 dbA.

On the contrary, for example, 60 dbA is a chaotic and noisy office sound, while 50dbA is the noise of a domestic environment or a Theatre 10 meters away.

Can you imagine the difference between the noise of a vacuum cleaner and that of a 10 metres away theatre?

However, are we sure that an Ultra-quiet power generator is necessary?

Where I come from, there’s never a shortage of electricity…! – Cit

“Fausto, 39, used to ride on his scooter without wearing a helmet because he never “fell for it”. Now all friends and relatives fondly remember him. ”

The fact that something has not been crucial until now does not mean that it will never be.

It often happens to hear sudden and prolonged blackouts where civilisation seemed to have reached its technological peak, and then because of a mouse that ventures into the neighbourhood electrical cabin, or a tree that decides to fall right on the wires, the electricity is lost.


Now there are only 3 scenarios when there’s a power failure:


  • There’s no power at Work: You are an entrepreneur, and you send all your employees home, and you close until the power comes back, because the generator you have installed in the company disturbs the neighbourhood and risks to create some discomforts.


  • There’s no power at home: You give up seeing the Champions League final and take the opportunity to dine by candlelight. No TV, no Internet, no refrigerator, no oven, nothing of nothing…


  • You have a Silengen Generator that feeds your home or your company, and you are the only neighbourhood to see the Champions final while others don’t, or you are the only entrepreneur who keeps the company open while others close.


Think about it. To be the only one in the square to have a GENERATOR ahead of the competition. While competitors in the neighbourhood will have to lower the shutters, the owner of a Silengen generator can continue to work undisturbed.

Who can’t work these days? Even a few hours of blackouts can represent thousands of euros of damage, regardless of the sector.

Every company’s goal is to maintain a productivity level that guarantees a regular and increasing profit.

So, do you want to get a Silengen Generating Set and switch to the best technology available on the market? Click here:


I want Silengen!


If my company is a Factory, why should I care about the noise produced by a Generator?

Remember the old piston air compressors? How noisy were they?

Today it is no longer possible to use certain types of compressors because it would be mandatory to install them at such a distance as to make the system extremely expensive, the same thing happens with Electric Generators.

And that’s not all…

What about the risk assessment?

If you have (surely) hired a technician who is qualified to detect and report on the noise impact in your company to correctly assess the risks, you will have noticed how the exposure of workers to noise can upset your production organisation and force you to take expensive or impractical precautions.

A Silengen generator is the right product to work peacefully, without fear of blackouts, data loss and money loss.

It’s all about figuring out what ties the noise to your money.

In the book written by Andrea Orefice: “Il Gruppo Elettrogeno più Silenzioso” (The most Silent Power Generators ) a chapter is dedicated to this topic. It also mentions some authentic reviews by accommodations guests where generator noise has made a difference.

National and international regulations on noise pollution are becoming more restrictive, and controls by the competent authorities will begin soon.

In a world increasingly oriented towards energy efficiency and respect for the environment, it is logical and sure that diesel generators will pollute increasingly less, becoming more and more silent.

Would you buy an old Smartphone today? Absolutely not! Of course, when you decide to invest money in a new device, you demand the latest technology available, and you are undoubtedly aware that a technologically advanced device would not allow you to use some modern applications. Likewise, choosing a generator that will soon not be compatible with noise regulations is undoubtedly a wrong investment.

It’s time to stop thinking only about kW and kVA…power is not the only value of a Power Generator.

Unfortunately, in all areas there are more or less qualified people, and it is frustrating to see how often everything that glitters is passed off as gold.

It is not necessary to be a phenomenon to distinguish between noise and silence, and yet even the Generators sector employees do not always fully understand this differences, so they propose you what they already have in their catalogue.

Unfortunately, those who buy generators often do so from a seller who act the same way, so they see nothing more than a picture.

Let’s say it: Companies often give more space to their warehouse photo than to things that interest and influence the product choice. The result is that a generator will arrive without you ever having seen one, but above all, you will hear one working.

When we do a Silengen function test with a customer, everyone always asks the same question:

“…is it on…?”

Yes, because Silengen is truly silent. You have to get close enough to touch it to know it’s working. That’s why one of our dealers says to his customers, “If you can’t hear it, it’s a Silengen”.

Even if for various reasons it is not possible for you to see the Silengen in operation, we have uploaded several videos on the web, with demonstrative and straightforward operation tests, and we will continue to produce more and more of them.

What we can do for those who want to understand how to distinguish a silenced generator from a “waterproof” one is to provide our free report “How to recognise a really Silent power generator even when it is off”.

A simple guide to get away from the many fake proposals and escape from the scams that make you waste time and money.

Download the report for free after entering your email address.

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You have the opportunity to own a cutting-edge product, results of many researches in the noise abatement technologies field.

Want to know who’s behind this amazing product?

Silengen was designed and produced by Orefice Generators, an Italian company founded in 1938 and still focused on the production of extraordinarily reliable and innovative Power Generators.

Orefice Generators boasts several international records and awards in the innovation field. If you want to find out more about who invented Silengen, visit their web page or their Blog, which is always updated with exciting topics in the sector.

P.S. Remember: If you can’t hear it, it’s a Silengen!