The “Coin Test”: the generator does not vibrate and the coin stands up. Magic? No, Silengen!

Have you ever heard about the “test of the ten pences” exceeded in 1906 by the Rolls Royce cars?

It is putting a coin standing up on the dashboard, turning on the car/engine and speeding up, the coin must stand in equilibrium. 

The “Times” newspaper  considered the car dangerous because it was so silent that the pedestrians cannot hear it arriving. 

If vibration means noise, so a Silengen must not vibrate.

We did a test with a 2 euros coin, that stood up on our Silengen, notwithstanding the wind and the painting of the canopy not so smooth.

Test exceeded! Silengen is the Rolls Royce of the generators.

Just like a Rolls Royce, Silengen vibrates less than every other genset, but not only, indeed Silengen is proper as a Rolls Royce: it is assembled manually by specialized technicians.

vibration coin


 Why vibrations are so essential?

Noise and vibrations are considered a risk for the health, so much that in working environments it is necessary to adopt prevention measures.

Obviously it is better to avoid producting vibrations and noise than to intervene with devices for prevention and protection, that are expansives, bulky and for which it is necessary supervising and management.

Exists a connection between vibration and noise.

The concept is easy: a surface put in vibration, for its part creates air displacement, in other words, sound-waves that are propagated in space.

The higher the vibration, the higher the sound level/noise. 

Noise analysis, usually accompanied by vibration analysis. It is an analysis that aims to identify the sound level of a work environment with the aim of defining the type of prevention to be adopted for that specific environment.

An example is that of a workshop, where once the maximum level of noise emissions present in the work areas is detected, the Otoprotectors to be prescribed to workers to safeguard their health are defined. This is an activity that from the entrepreneur may seem to be the “normal” procedure, i.e., when the noise is detected its intensity is measured and subsequently it is decided to adopt a solution that is nothing more than a fallback.

This is not precisely how security should be pursued. We can prove this by imagining that we have to prescribe protectors for a team working on a railway construction site. Given the high sound pressure level at railway construction sites, a very high and acoustically insulating Otoprotector class should be prescribed, but is this the right choice?

Should a worker not be able to hear all the noise around him on a railway construction site? The answer is simple but not obvious. Noise can be the warning bell of imminent danger, so it should never be eliminated entirely.

When choosing a Generator, it would be a good and right thing for the employer to take all possible precautions to minimize noise in the workplace and choosing a noisy generator does not seem to be in line with this principle.

Do you want to get rid of your old generator and pass to a Silengen?

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