The quietest Power Generators.

Anyone who has no idea about what a power generator is has, at least once, heard one running.

A buzz, a continuous, dull noise, or often a hammer-like noise; the generator set can become a problem if it is too noisy.

Without entering into the rhetoric of “everything is relative,” it is evident that the sound level of many machines intended to operate outdoors has often been underestimated and made subjective by many until standards have made it clear what the noise level of a generator set in operation should be. Leaving aside the Eastern ones, the difference between the European and the American regulations in this regard is negligible as they are very similar values.

There are currently several compelling technological solutions that allow diesel generators to be quieter, however, not all of these solutions are valid for any application. Let’s start from some considerations, in particular, we will try to understand “how much, how, and where” the generator can work, and consequently we will evaluate every possible scenario.

How much: The generator set can operate for a few minutes as well as for whole days without interruption, compatibly with the technical and mechanical characteristics available to it. Quantifying how long a generator can run is undoubtedly interesting, first of all, to understand how much we are willing to bear the noise it produces and of course to establish how important it is to invest in it. This last important concept concerning the choice of how much to invest should not be misunderstood considering that a generator set installed in emergency service is not a vital investment just because electricity is rarely missing, but it is a question of clearly distinguishing an excellent product from an extraordinary one. So, to give an example, we don’t have to compare a bicycle with a motorcycle, but a motorcycle with a Superbike.


How: The generator set can operate in Stand-By mode or Prime mode.

The first one comes into operation only in the event of disconnection from the electricity grid to which the user is connected, while the second one completely replaces the electricity grid where it is absent.

The question is whether the operation of the Generator in stand-by mode, if it were to come into operation, can be a problem from an acoustic point of view.

Hospitals and accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants, to name a few, may not tolerate the noise of a generator even for just a few minutes.

Imagine a patient in a hospital who is awakened by the sound of a generator, or a guest who wakes up during a holiday in a hotel. These are all reasonably common situations that seem to be complicated to deal with.

Vice versa, in a Prime application, for example in an extraction quarry, or in a construction site, where noise is a regular routine, it seems useless to pay attention to the noise level of a generator set. However, this must be considered from several points of view, in fact, the generator installed at a quarry could be (often so) near an office block, inhabited by staff, who would find themselves living together every day, every hour, with a noise annoying and harmful to health.

What about the construction sites? If the site is located in a built-up area or a historic center, there are constraints to be respected, rules that would limit working hours and increase time and costs.


Where: We mentioned in the previous paragraph, how influential the site where the generator is placed could be. In principle, a silent generator can be installed anywhere, a noisy generator can’t.

Acoustic zoning is making life difficult for noisy generators. Many people with the repeated succession of climatic events increasingly destructive, have equipped themselves with an emergency generator, some have chosen products with high noise reduction while others have simply chosen the cheapest generator.

The generator, although technologically advanced, does not distinguish between day and night and even for small blackouts, starts (rightly) automatically, sometimes arousing the anger of the neighborhood because of the noise it produces at times when it is usually silent. It seems paradoxical, a bit like those situations in which you buy a product that works but is already technologically outdated, obsolete.


The Silengen Solution


Silengen are the Ultra Silenced diesel generators.

Generating sets with low acoustic impact, designed to allow the use of diesel generators in all environments where it was not possible before.

The principal limit of traditional generators is their acoustic level; in fact, they are recognized as noisy machines and not suitable for use in public environments and in residential areas.

With the Silengen Ultra Silent you can use a generator in 24H/24H operation without disturbing the public peace. Silengen, in fact, has a residual noisiness similar to that of a common household appliance.

Silengen is quieter because it is the result of years of research and development in the field of noise reduction. Most generators use soundproofing systems, while Silengen has a real innovative air treatment system, the latter being mainly responsible for the propagation of noise, obtaining an extraordinary result.

  • With the same external conditions, Silengen’s silence will be precisely that declared by the manufacturer.
  • Unlike other generators called “super” silenced, the noise of Silengen is measured at 75% of the electrical load, in other words, we measure the noise of Silengen in the most severe operating condition! We simulate the worst to surprise you with the best performance on the
  • It’s a truly Ultra Silenced generator set, and it’s not just an adhesive on the frame as often happens with some generators simply covered by
  • Silengen’s higher Silence does not affect performance, so temperature and power will be equal to products with higher noise


Silengen is designed to work outdoors, exposed to the elements, this is possible thanks to the strength of the materials with which it is built and the quality of the external paint, however, following our suggestions you can install it even in rooms (used exclusively for this purpose) dedicated or where you prefer. (by the rules in force).

You can use Silengen in residential areas, install it in the courtyard of a Villa, behind your garage, as some of our customers have already done and have tried it in advance.

Silengen can also start automatically during the night without disturbing the neighborhood, and if you want it will alert you with a message on your smartphone when you need to refuel or for any other communication.


It’s time to replace the old power generator with a Silengen, just like some of our satisfied customers in different parts of the world have done. From the videomaker who shoots audio and video in the woods of Sweden to the prestigious Resort in Tanzania, or in the Villa in Bulgaria.

If you can’t hear, it’s Silengen.

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